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Default Re: The Marine31Online Roll Call Thread

Originally Posted by ig2dx2 View Post

Hi Sharon,

Welcome to Marine31Online!

I just read your PM, thank you for the kind words. As far sharing pictures in a thread on this forum or any forum you first need to upload them to the gallery.

You get free gallery space here on Marine31 and I use it all the time.

I've written articles on how to upload pictures to the gallery but they are all on AGO, below are the links but the info will work the same way on this gallery.

Modern cameras, even cell phone cameras take HUGE photos so before you can upload them you need to make them smaller.

This is for PC computers, I'm not a MAC guy "yet".

How to resize your photos with Easy Thumbnails - Free software

After you resize the picture then you need to upload it to the gallery.

How to upload a photo into your Autogeek Photo Gallery

After you have uploaded the picture now you can insert it.

How to insert an image from your photo gallery into your message

There are extras if you feel like learning more about how to work with pictures in the Internet world.

How to use Image Tags to insert a photo

How to create dedicated albums in your photo gallery...

Made by boat people for boat people...
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