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Default Re: Flex LRP1503VRA Boa Polisher/Sander

Originally Posted by Dapper Don View Post
Well, I don't have one myself, however here is a video of it being used on a boat.

Just watched it and that's a great use of a tool meant for sanding.

The tool Fein not Flex. Flex makes a lot of tools for other industries but this was not a Flex tool.

Stainless is really hard so removing scratches out of stainless normally requires special abrasives our rouges that are different than how aluminum polishes are made. I don't know what the differences are I just know that working on stainless steel is an art unto itself.

I've had good luck using rotary buffers and DA Polishers to restore stained and oxidized stainless steel. Removing scratches would require a lot more aggressive products as well as follow-up steps to get back to a mirror finish.

The thing about stainless is its use is limited to railing and brightwork so the percentage of surfaces to work on overall are quite small as compared to buffing out the boat hull.

I think there will be more do-it-yourselfers willing to buff out a boat hull than to purchase the specialty tools and products for buffing out stainless.

If a person wants to keep it simple our Stainless Steel & Aluminum Brightening Soap is super easy to use and doesn't require any special tools outside the human hand.

Marine 31 Stainless Steel & Aluminum Brightening Soap

Made by boat people for boat people...
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