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Default Re: Restoring Aluminum Coastline Trailer

First let me say....


Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anyone tackle an aluminum trailer before. Aluminum boat yes, but the trailer?

Way to get after it!

Originally Posted by jpatchley View Post

I'm wondering if this trailer doesn't fall into more of category 4 based on the last picture shown above.
Yes, I'd say it easily falls into Category #4 as described in my book

Category #4 is defined in the chapter on detailing aluminum, which is the section titled,

Pontoon Boats and Polished Aluminum - Pages 93 to 98

Originally Posted by jpatchley View Post

I cannot get the little black specs out for the life of me.

Is it worth possibly sanding to get rid of them?

What could these black specs be, just water spots that have sat on the trailer forever?

They look like gouges from some type of grinding disc back when the trailer was probably fabricated.

Originally Posted by jpatchley View Post

I'm tempted to buy the sanding pads and see how much of an improvement I can get.

Thoughts Mike?

It would require a LOT of sanding because you would have to level the upper portions of the surface with the lowest depths of the gouges to make them "visibly" disappear.

If it were my trailer I would be happy with what you've already achieved.

Thanks for sharing by the way!

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