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Default Re: Center Console Detailing - Test Spot

Originally Posted by jpatchley;1165

Follow up to question 3, if a wool pad would work better, can anyone recommend one that would work with the flex 3401.

I would like to avoid purchasing a rotary buffer if possible.

I don't have any experience with them. I'm also going to need the wool pads to work on the outside of the boat so I might as well pick them up now.

Get this pad, the Lake Country 7.5 inch Electrified White Sheepskin Final Polishing Pad.

It fits the stock 5.5" Flex backing plate and works GREAT for removing oxidation without leaving holograms.

Being a fiber pad, if you bump it into anything sharp or point when buffing out your boat it won't tear like foam so it will last a long time. Be sure to get a steel pad cleaning spur to go with it.

Lake Country Wool Pad Spur

Get some Captain's One-Step Compound & Polish. You'll love this compound. I highly recommend it in my new book over all other compounds because it cuts fast and finished out to a high gloss.

After cutting with wool then switch over to the blue 6.5" Hybrid pad using the same compound and then you'll be ready to seal the surface.

You can go with wax but if you really want a nice looking finish that resists water and oxidation longer than a wax then apply the Captain's Boat Coating.

I'd get the BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Prep to strip the gel-coat after polishing so the coating will properly bond. The instructions for Captain's Boat Coating states to use it with the Marine 31 Port to Starboard All Purpose Cleaner and this product will work to strip the gel-coat of any polishing oils but the BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Prep, since it's formulated to work on scratch-sensitive clearcoat paints is easier to use and in my opinion does a better job as it's specifically formulated for this type of process.

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