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Default Center Console Detailing - Test Spot

Worked on the console a little yesterday afternoon. Gave it a good scrubbing with apc and rinse. I then removed "Gadgets and Screws" in order to have more room to operate while polishing. I did not clay the surface, just went straight to a test spot. I used the flex 3401 with a orange hybrid 4" bad and WG Uber Compound. I did the same spot twice as I felt it needed it. The results are below.

Some Observations:

1. It is extremely important to keep your pad clean. I wish I had taken the picture, but the orange pad was almost completely white after my second pass through. I'm assuming oxidation? I didn't clean my pad often enough and you can tell where a clean pad was used versus where it wasn't.

2. I felt like the surface of the pad and the console itself were getting extremely hot to the touch during buffing. Maybe a result of having the oxidation build up on the pad. Not sure. But once again, clean pad it IMPORTANT.

3. Working on this surface seems to be alot harder than paint to get it defect free. The oxidation comes off pretty easily, but to get a high gloss will take numerous passes. I'm wondering if using a wool pad/dedicated gel coat compound/polish would work faster and better?

I didn't have time to complete the entire console before it got dark, I'll hopefully get to it tonight. The plan is to polish all the areas I can by machine, and do the rest by hand (tight spots between the panel, etc.).

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