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Default Center Console Detailing

Hello everyone, this is my first post excluding the introduction post. I am working on detailing my 21 ft center console frontier boat during the next two weeks. First step, the center console!

Lets get to it. Here are some pictures of what I'll be working with.

Side View

Back View

Windshield View

Front View

I would say this boat's in pretty good shape besides the six years of sun exposure on the black plastics and general wear and tear. First step is to remove all of the faded stickers with a razor blade and some goo gone which I was able to do today during my lunch break. I've also removed the cupholders to replace them with new ones.

My next step is going to be to clean it with an APC and scrub brush but I have a few questions after that. Prior to polishing, will I need to clay the surface or does it not matter so much when detailing a boat? Will auto compounds/polishes work on the white smooth surface of the console? I have a flex 3401 and an assortment of compounds/polishes including WG uber compound, swirl remover, M105, M205, etc., along with an assortment of cutting/finishing pads.

Any advice on getting the rust spots and grime off of the chrome surfaces? For instance the steering wheel, grab bar, seat hinges?

Seats - I'm assuming they're vinyl and haven't been cleaned/protected thoroughly since the boat was purchased. Any guidance on making these pristine white and protected? I have automotive interior cleaners such as DP interior cleaner, but is there maybe something better?

Windshield - Looking through the windshield you can see numerous spots/swirls can this be polished out, and if so, which product would I use?

Center Console Storage Compartment - After a good cleaning, what should I use to protect this surface? Would something like WG Exterior Trim Sealant work or even CarPro Dlux coating?

Sorry for the long post, but I really do appreciate any help the forum can provide. I'll document all of my work here and post my afters of course. This is step one of detailing my boat. Topside first. I'll do my best to document each afternoon's worth of work.

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