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Pad question
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Default Pad question

After reading this thread and reading the pad recommendations a particular type of Lake Country pad came to mind; Kompressor pads. They don't seem to get much love.

I mostly tend to use wool and then move to some type of flat foam pad, Meg's flats or LC flats, but I've been curious as to how these pads might work on gel-coat as well as to how fast, or not, that they may eat up product...wool does a good job at eating up product and that also seems to be the case with any type of gel-coat work I've done.

I don't own these pads, but I would think their design/slits would offer great ease of use and great confirmation to the work surface on many topsides of boats.

I don't typically see many comments regarding these pads though I have read that the purple foamed compressor pads offer some serious cut compared to other foam pads. I don't think I've seen anything written about the other colors that make up the Kompressor line of pads.

Are there any instances where you would choose the purple foam Kompressor pad over a wool pad where cut is needed?

What about where the other colors might be used, such as polishing and final polishing? (Are they the same pads with slits, or do these also offer slightly more cut that may be useful for working on gel-coat?)
- Bill
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Mike Phillips
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Default Re: Pad question

Hi Bill,

The purple Kompressor pads use a foam resin that is very similar to the RUPES blue foam cutting pads.

The purple Kompressor pad excels at doing correction work on just about any tool type. It's not as aggressive as using a true wool "fiber" pad as fibers are a more aggressive abrasive than foam.

The only reason I know of that this pad is not more popular is due to the slotted design unique to the Kompressor pad.

We used these for the follow-up polishing step for the 25' Regulator used in our last boat detailing class.

Pictures & Comments: Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class - May 2015

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