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Forum Rules
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Mike Phillips
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Default Forum Rules

Forum Rules

When Marine31Online went live on May 9th, 2013, our goal was to create an online community for learning about boat and watercraft care and detailing. A place for both boat owners and boat detailers to share and learn from the experience and knowledge of others. We pride ourselves on providing a family friendly and polite community for constructive conversation.

Marine31Online Member Rules

1. No personal attacks toward members or non-members will be tolerated.

2. No arguing with Moderators or Administrators.

3. You are welcome to disagree but you must be polite.

4. No bashing any company or their products. No bashing other people. If you can't say anything nice about someone, then don't say anything at all.

5. Forum Nicknames and Avatars must be family friendly, they cannot even hint towards anything raunchy, sleazy, sexual or inappropriate. When in doubt we will err on the side of caution and ask you to choose a different nickname. E-mail addresses cannot be used as a forum nickname.

6. No politics. Politics are a very important part of our culture and it's important that everyone be involved to the degree that they are compelled but not on this forum. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of political websites and political discussion forums and if you want to talk about politics then these other discussion forums is where you need to post your opinions, not here on Also we will not allow forum nicknames or Avatars with any political implications. Marine31Online is about discussing boats and boat detailing not politics.

7. Keep language "G Rated", this includes insinuations. If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandparents, your parents or your children, then you shouldn't probably be posting to the Marine31Online forum.

8. Only appropriate pictures suitable for all audiences will be allowed, this includes avatars. If the photo is questionable at all it will be deleted at our discretion without warning.

9. Clickable Links are allowed after new members have over 30 substantial posts . Self-promoting clickable links are not allowed and will not be tolerated in messages. Self-promoting links are allowed in signature Lines once a member reaches Level 2 Privileges. Self-promoting statements, phone numbers or e-mails addresses are also not allowed in your posts.

10. Only one account per member! The only conceivable reason for multiple accounts, would be for fraudulent activity. You will be permanently banned for this action immediately.

11. Continuously breaking the rules to disrupt the online community will result in you being banned from the forum with little or no warning.

12. No commercial sales or samples from competing companies. One post trying to hawk your wares and you will have banned yourself permanently.

13. All messages posted to Marine31Online become the property of PBMG. and may not be deleted without first obtaining permission. Deleting messages without permission will result in immediate banning from the forum.

Signatures Rules Level I
1. No Clickable Links Allowed to Commercial Websites
2. No Clickable Links Allowed to Other Discussion Forums
3. No Phone numbers or Email addresses will be allowed
4. No signature photos allowed (this option is not enabled)
5. Nothing rude, crude or impolite will be allowed

Signatures Rules Level 2 - After 30 Relevant Posts
1. Clickable Links Allowed
2. Phone numbers allowed
3. Clickable email addresses allowed
4. No signature photos allowed (this option is not enabled).
5. Nothing rude, crude or impolite will be allowed

Justice for Breaking the Rules - Color Code:
We are human and we all make mistakes, however, there will be consequences for your actions as follows:

Blue = Polite warning via email to remind you of the rules.
Green = E-mail warning and possible 1 to 7 day suspension.
Red = You will have banned yourself immediately with little or no warning.

We stand behind our Moderators, if our Moderators think you're causing problems for the online community they are empowered to take whatever action necessary to correct the problem.

Thank you ahead of time for reading and abiding by the forum rules...

Mike Phillips and the rest of the Marine31Online staff...

Made by boat people for boat people...
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