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Wax + Sealant vs boat coating
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Default Wax + Sealant vs boat coating

I have a 2012 Super Air Nautique (wakeboard boat). It's in excellent condition with no visible oxidation. My question is which should I use between sealant and boat coating? I'm in fresh water if that makes any difference. I believe you have to polish the old coating off when you want to do a new coat, that sounds like quite a bit of extra work. Thanks for your feedback.
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Mike Phillips
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Default Re: Wax + Sealant vs boat coating

Welcome to Marine31Online!

Fresh water is sure a lot easier on EVERYTHING including you than salt water!

A gel-coat "coating" will last longer and protect longer plus make washing and drying faster. In order to apply a gel-coat coating however you do have to have a clean base to start with and this means no previously applied waxes or sealants.

It's faster and easier to apply either a finishing wax or a light cleaning cleaner/wax by machine but it is true these won't last as long.

My write-up for this boat class shows applying a coating and the process....

Pictures & Comments: Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class - May 2015

Made by boat people for boat people...
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