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Default Center Console Windshield Polishing with Marine 31 Clear Vinyl Restorer & Protectant

The acrylic poly-carbonate windshield on Bob's recently purchased Boston Whaler was full of shallow swirl marks caused by improper cleaning; the culprit is probably a cheap glass cleaner and tatty shop towels. Obviously the previous owner hadn't seen our segments on Ship Shape TV...

Anyway, when Andre detailed the boat last weekend he gave the windshield some much needed TLC. His products of choice included Marine 31 Plastic Clear and Clear Vinyl Restorer & Protectant. This duo is strong enough to tackle yellowing on clear vinyl windows, cloudy eisenglas and dull, swirled-out poly-carbonate windshields.

As you can see it was in dire need of a good polishing.

Marine 31 to the rescue!

He started off by cleaning it with Marine 31 Plastic Clear. This foaming cleaner removes dirt and grime while depositing an anti-static coating that keeps the material cleaner in between washes.

Marine 31 Clear Vinyl Restorer & Protectant was then applied using a Porter Cable 7424xp equipped with a white foam polishing pad. You don't want to use anything more aggressive than a POLISHING foam pad because you can mar the surface.

After a few passes clarity was restored! Now Bob will be able to see clearly.

Marine 31 Clear Vinyl Restorer & Protectant also contains a protectant that shields against UV rays and environmental contaminants. If Bob regularly cleans the windshield with Marine 31 Plastic Clear (which he will ;) ), Andre will never have to polish it again.


Marine 31 Clear Vinyl Restorer & Protectant

Marine 31 Plastic Clear

Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher

Lake Country 5 1/2 inch Flat Foam Pads
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