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Default Re: Removing Captain's Boat Coating

Originally Posted by dufrsp31 View Post
Hi Mike,
Is compounding/polishing the only way to remove the Captain's coating? I'm just curious if using the "wrong" soap or any other cleaners will strip it like it will wax. I've always used a PH balanced soap to clean my boat and also stayed away from using stuff like 409, Spray 9, etc. Is it ok to use those types of products without worrying that it will strip the coating?

For the most part "yes".

If the boat is gel-coat, because gel-coat is more porous than marine specialty paints it will be easier to remove a coating of gel-coat than off paint.

Just wash careful.

If you do have to remove or if you want to remove it and re-apply then the Captain's Compound will do the trick.

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