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Default Re: Porter Cable Kit Question

Originally Posted by briggss3 View Post
Hi Mike, I think I have the machines figured out after reading and re-reading various posts and watching youtubes (including your...thanks!).

So knowing I have the PC DA unit in hand, I am leaning towards adding the Flex PE14 to my kit and prepping the white gelcoat with that on a wool pad. Unless you think its wiser (and cheaper) to just add a 3401 to do all of my heavy lifting.
Since you already have the Porter Cable I'd get the Flex PE14 rotary buffer.

Then if you ever choose to sand with the PC you can remove your sanding marks with the Flex PE14 and remove the holograms with the PC.

If you just want to use the Flex PE14 with a wool pad and a compound you can still remove heavy oxidation plus any other level of oxidation and then follow-up with the PC.

Check out the 7.5" wool pad I recommend here,

My recommended buffing pads for the Flex PE14

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